5 Heartwarming Valentine’s Gifts to Celebrate Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Farmhouse Collection has curated a delightful selection of gifts that speak volumes of love and warmth. From handcrafted porcelain wall hangings to a unique Make Your Own Gin Kit, each item is a testament to the thoughtful and heartfelt gifts available at Farmhouse Collection. Let’s look into the details of five extraordinary presents that are sure to make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

At Farmhouse Collection, love is celebrated in every handmade detail. The “Love You To The Moon And Back” porcelain wall hanging is a beautiful expression of enduring love. The carefully crafted design, paired with heartfelt words, makes it a perfect gift for any occasion. The unique touch of hand painting ensures that each piece is one-of-a-kind, just like the love it represents.


For the spirits enthusiasts and those who appreciate a good drink, the Make Your Own Gin Kit – Love Potion Blend is an exquisite choice. Craft your own love potion with magical colour-changing botanicals in less than 24 hours. This exclusive kit includes everything needed to transform ordinary vodka into two 750ml bottles of customised gin. With extra-special sachets for colour-changing botanicals, this kit is an ideal Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or birthday gift for someone who enjoys a unique and personalised touch to their spirits collection.


Sometimes, it’s the simple and charming gestures that speak volumes. The “Flipping Love You!” wooden scene is a delightful addition to Farmhouse Collection’s Valentine’s offerings. The miniature wooden scene, with its heartwarming message, is a perfect token of affection. Handmade with care, this small yet impactful gift is a reminder that love comes in many forms and can be celebrated in the most adorable ways.


Embrace the warmth of love with the “You Are My Sunshine” handmade scene. This cute display features a small home and tree connected by a washing line, creating a picturesque representation of love and togetherness. Handmade and hand-decorated, this charming scene is an ideal gift for that special someone who brightens your life. Priced at £10.00, it’s an affordable yet meaningful way to express your feelings.


Illuminate your living space with our Set of 3 Candle Stick Holders, meticulously handcrafted from porcelain. These holders, available in various styles, effortlessly infuse warmth and sophistication into any room, fostering a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The set includes small (6 x 6 x 2.5cm), medium (8 x 8 x 2.5cm), and large (9 x 9 x 5cm) holders, allowing you to customise your ambiance with these charming additions. 

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