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Hi I’m Henry, I launched Farm House Collection back in the summer of 2019 after leaving College and deciding to not go to University as I wanted to start my own business.

Based in the heart of Lancashire…

This has always been a passion of mine which began at the age of 11, buying wholesale sweets and selling them to my friends in school and in the local youth clubs. My passion continued through college when I launched my first professional business making and selling personalised picture frames.
This was the stepping stone which lead me to launch Farm House Collection
My first sale finally came after 6 months of hard work and lots of patience! At this point I realised to make this work I needed to invest more collateral to build the foundations of my business.
This led to me getting a full time job at a local farm attraction.
The income from this allowed me to invest into more products and have a professional website built.
I now do this full time from my family’s rural farm house in the Lancashire countryside accompanied by my beloved Hungarian Vizsla, Mabel. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the business! 
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