Brighten up your kitchen with our Lemon Tea towel and Fig Tree Oven Glove collection from Farmhouse Collection

The heart of the home deserves touches of vibrancy and the finer details. At Farmhouse Collection, we’ve carefully crafted a line of kitchen textiles that not only serve a purpose but also enhance the aesthetics of your cooking space. Today, we’re excited to delve into two of our favourite collections: the Lemon Tea Towels and the Fig Tree Oven Gloves.

Lemon Tea Towels, a splash of colour and comfort

Our Lemon Tea Towels are designed to bring a burst of freshness into your kitchen with their bold and vibrant hand-drawn lemon designs. Whether you’re drying dishes or just adding a pop of colour, these tea towels are perfect for any task. Available in four appealing colours – blue, olive, mustard, and dark slate – these tea towels cater to various style preferences and complement any kitchen decor.

Each set includes two tea towels made from high-quality Indian cotton, ensuring durability and absorbency. The fabric is soft yet robust, ideal for everyday use, and easy to maintain as they are machine washable. The lively lemon pattern is not only eye-catching but also infuses a sense of joy and energy into your kitchen chores.

Fig Tree Oven Gloves, when style meets safety

Safety in the kitchen is paramount, but who says it can’t be stylish? Our Fig Tree Oven Gloves in rose dawn and dark slate are crafted to offer both. These double oven gloves feature a refreshing rose dawn hue or a sleek dark slate, adorned with a traditionally screen-printed, hand-drawn fig design in white. This striking contrast not only stands out but also complements any modern or rustic kitchen aesthetic.

Measuring 18x90cm, these oven gloves are made from recycled cotton with cotton wadding, providing ample protection and comfort while handling hot dishes. The inclusion of a hoop attachment makes storage simple and keeps your gloves within easy reach.

Both our Lemon Tea Towels and Fig Tree Oven Gloves are created with the dual purpose of functionality and visual appeal. Whether you’re looking for practical items that withstand daily wear and tear or wanting to add some artistic flair into your kitchen, these collections cater to all your needs.

The choice of materials reflects our commitment to sustainability and quality, ensuring that each product not only looks good but also promotes eco-friendly practices. This makes them perfect for gifting or personal use, all year round.

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