Discover the charm of our handcrafted porcelain mug collection from the Farmhouse Collection

Introducing this delightful collection of mugs from Farmhouse Collection, where each mug is not just for a good cuppa, but a statement piece infused with personality, humour, and heartwarming sentiments

 Each of these mugs is handcrafted from porcelain, hand-painted, and designed to add a bit of joy and laughter to your daily routine. Whether you’re a tea lover, a coffee fanatic, a friend to someone special, or a cheeky wine enthusiast disguising your vino as tea, this range has something uniquely appealing for you. Here’s why each of these four mugs deserves a place in your home.


I Bloody Love Tea Mug

For the tea enthusiasts who can’t start their day without a proper cuppa, the “I Bloody Love Tea Mug” is a declaration of love for the age-old ritual of tea drinking. This mug is not only a nod to your passion but also a piece of art, crafted and painted by hand to ensure every sip feels a bit more special. Perfect for gifting to a fellow tea enthusiast or keeping for yourself, this mug enhances your tea experience and serves as a fun conversation starter.


Friends Mug

Celebrating friendships in a tangible form, the “Friends Mug” carries a beautiful quote: “A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the nicest things you can be.” This sentiment wraps around the mug in elegant script, making it an ideal gift for that dear friend who makes your life brighter. 


Stroppy Before Coffee Mug

We all know someone (perhaps ourselves!) who is a bit grouchy before their morning coffee. The “Stroppy Before Coffee Mug” is both a warning for those rough mornings. Its playful message serves as a light-hearted disclaimer to family members or coworkers, and its sturdy, handcrafted build is perfect for holding that all-important first brew of the day. A perfect gift for coffee lovers with a sense of humour!

This Is Probably Wine…Mug

For those who like a tipple and to keep others guessing, the “This Is Probably Wine…” mug is the perfect choice. The text on the mug is bound to bring a smile or a chuckle, making it a great icebreaker or a cheeky gift for the wine lover in your life. Like the other mugs in this collection, its handcrafted nature ensures no two mugs are exactly the same, adding to its charm and appeal.


Whether starting your day with a laugh, reminding yourself of the preciousness of friendships, or enjoying your favourite brew (be it coffee, tea, or wine), the Farmhouse Collection mugs add a touch of joy and personality to every moment. So why settle for ordinary when you can sip from a mug that truly speaks to you?

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