Embrace imperfection with Farmhouse Collection’s clearance products

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to overlook the beauty in imperfection. Our Farmhouse clearance collection celebrates the charm and character that comes with uniqueness.

. These items, while not perfect, are full of heart and make wonderful additions to any home or thoughtful gifts for loved ones. Here’s a closer look at our imperfect treasures.


IMPERFECT Distance Can’t Stop Who Cares – Candle Holder With A Lemon & Thyme Candle

Original Price: £22.95 

Distance can never separate hearts that care. Our “Distance Can’t Stop Who Cares” candle holder comes with a full-size Lemon & Thyme candle. This refreshing scent will uplift any space, reminding you of the enduring connections that matter most. Each piece may have minor cosmetic flaws but is perfect for creating a cosy ambiance. Light it up and let the soothing glow fill your room with warmth and love.


IMPERFECT Bless This House With Happiness & Love – Coaster

Original Price: £6.99 

This handmade porcelain coaster reads, “bless this house with happiness and love.” Despite being imperfect, it’s a fabulous addition to any home. Whether it’s a slight asymmetry or a tiny blemish, each coaster is unique and special. They make for perfect, heartfelt presents that carry a message of love and positivity. Keep your surfaces safe in style with this charming coaster.


IMPERFECT Home, Family, Love | Tea Light Holder

Original Price: £10.95

Our “Home, Family, Love” tea light holder is a celebration of the most important things in life. Housed in a recycled card box, it’s ready to be gifted to someone special. Small imperfections may be present, but they do not diminish the holder’s beauty and purpose. Instead, they add to its rustic charm, making it a perfect decorative piece that symbolises warmth and togetherness.


IMPERFECT Baby Penguin

Original Price: £17.95 

Meet our adorable Baby Penguin, handcrafted from bamboo root. This cute companion has a tiny chip on the paint of its eyes and a discoloured metal DCUK stamp, but that doesn’t stop it from being a lovable addition to your home. Each penguin comes with a randomly selected name tag, adding to its unique character. Perfect for cosy indoor settings, this little penguin is eager to find a home where it can spread joy and charm.

At the Farmhouse Collection, we believe that imperfections add character and uniqueness to our products. Each item on our clearance list has its own story to tell and is waiting to bring warmth, love, and a touch of rustic charm to your home. Take advantage of these special prices and embrace the beauty of imperfection today
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