*IMPERFECT*Pirate Penguin

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Please note this product has its imperfections as shown in the further photos.

Am I handmade & Hand Painted? 



How Tall Am I?


A Bit About Me…

I love to take to the seas and go on a little adventure! Why not come with me? We can discover ice-laced tides, crystalline skies, and even some long lost treasure.


We come with randomly selected name tags (unless purchased a personalised tag) Please note, all text on tags is in lowercase only.


A Bit About The Range…

We are all completely unique and we will come in a variety of poses which may differ from that in the picture. We are handmade from Bamboo root and we love to be cosy at home with you rather than outdoors!


Offering Great Value...

As well as selling a vast range of handmade gifts, we also sell them all at the best possible price! Very week we drop the prices of different products, across all ranges. This means that every time you visit us, you get a different experience with different offers!

*IMPERFECT*Pirate Penguin

In stock

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