Thoughtful Teacher Gifts from Farmhouse Collection

As the school year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to show gratitude to the incredible teachers who have dedicated their time and energy to educating our children. At Farmhouse Collection, we offer a curated selection of unique and thoughtful gifts that show your appreciation in a meaningful way. Here are some of our top picks to celebrate the end of the school year:


Thank You Teacher | Matchbox Ornaments

Our “Thank You Teacher” matchbox ornaments are a delightful way to say thank you. Each matchbox contains a beautifully crafted porcelain apple, a classic symbol of gratitude for teachers. This charming gift is compact yet full of sentiment, making it a perfect keepsake.


Peppered Pomegranate Candle

For a gift that appeals to the senses, consider our Peppered Pomegranate Candle. Encased in a stylish metal tin, this candle not only smells divine but is also eco-friendly. The subtle fragrance of peppered pomegranate creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a busy school year.



Wham Bam I Love A Plan | Notebook

Every teacher needs a handy notebook for jotting down ideas, plans, and notes. Our “Wham Bam I Love A Plan” notebook is both practical and charming. It’s an ideal companion for keeping track of all those brilliant ideas and classroom plans.

Beaded Metal Ring of Dried Flowers | Large

For a gift that makes a statement, our Beaded Metal Ring of Dried Flowers is an excellent choice. This beautiful wall hanger features a metal ring adorned with overlapping string and seasonal dried flowers. It adds a vibrant pop of colour and a touch of nature to any room.


As the school year ends, make sure to celebrate the hard work and dedication of your children’s teachers with one of our carefully selected gifts. From charming ornaments to practical notebooks, there’s something for every teacher in our collection.
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